Introducing OpenCX

It’s no secret that since 2023, everyone has been talking about Artificial Intelligence. Major data-handling companies like Meta, Google, Microsoft, and many more have launched their search engines into the market.

Everyone wants to grab their market share and not be left behind. Similarly, social media platforms offer countless plans and proposals for businesses and individuals to attract them as potential clients. There’s a fierce competition at the moment. But what should users know before signing up for any Artificial Intelligence offer? What are the limits of the most offered virtual assistants on the market? What kind of security do they offer? Are they 100% adaptable to the specific characteristics and needs of our business, or are their responses generic and not customized? Can they fully replace human resources? Are the expected results immediate, or does the bot require time and training to adapt to the intrinsic patterns of our businesses? In short, there are many variables to consider when hiring any type of Artificial Intelligence proposal if we truly want to reap the maximum benefit from it.

For over 16 years, IntiCo has been creating technological tools focused on enhancing and improving the customer experience with companies through Omnichannel and Artificial Intelligence solutions that facilitate and promote interactions among different business actors. Our greatest strength is our human resources and customer service, especially after-sales, where the Technological Area often lacks. We have our own developers and product leaders for each industry. We have built a portfolio of products and services distributed to clients worldwide in industries such as Finance, eCommerce, and Hospitality.

About six years ago, Intico started developing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence with products like Sprach and Agent, creating an entire ecosystem where AI was the driving force behind each solution. This resulted in the creation of OpenCX, a solution focused on improving the customer experience through Artificial Intelligence integrated into Intico’s entire ecosystem of products and services.

We are also highly motivated by challenges, taking developments from scratch and tailoring them to the specific model our clients need, especially in virtual assistant development. We know how to train and prepare them for precise interactions with customers, reflecting the client’s brand, rather than generating standardized responses and interactions from known search engines.

We have made OpenCX an Orchestrator that filters and customizes responses between clients and search engines, maximizing bot responses and customer compliance. For example, we can design bots that are specialized salespeople, specialized collectors, or just customer loyalty agents. It ultimately depends on each client’s needs. Of course, these training processes take time; they are not immediate. Any company that promises otherwise will likely deliver standardized, non-customized results and fail to meet 100% of what some clients seek: speaking the language the company uses to communicate with its customers, never leaving a customer conversation unfinished, always recording customer information for follow-up, and allowing human agents to supervise and even take control of the conversation if the bot deems it necessary.

To conclude this chapter on OpenCX, we must talk about our human resources and our values, which are the most valuable assets. We are proud of the efforts each one makes to achieve the company’s objectives, especially the primary focus on Customer Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction. There is no doubt that our main focus, and thus our solutions, is on improving the customer experience. From there, OpenCX was born.

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